Oct 01 2010

I’m Employed Again!

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Finally!!!  Rejoining the ranks of the full-time employed people starting Monday!  I’ve been looking for a year and a half.  Looks like the economy is starting to recover.  I received two other job prospect emails this week.

Dec 07 2009

Best Christmas Decoration Ever!

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Best Christmas DecorationAlthough this may have been the best Christmas decoration, it only lasted a few days.  It was made too life-like and almost caused a few traffic accidents.  There were also people who nearly hurt themselves putting the ladder back and climbing up to help.  On the advice of the police, it was taken down.  Click here for the original post.

Jul 27 2009

Unexpected Wedding Entrance

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I will be attending a couple of weddings in the next two months.  I wonder if they will be as unusual as the Unexpected Wedding Entrance?


Jun 20 2009

My brother’s bar on TV

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HGTV’s Man Land visits the ultimate guy hangout, my brother’s 50-Yard-Line Bar. A clip from that show is on YouTube.


May 03 2008

Another Birthday

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I had a good birthday yesterday.  I took the day off from work and just relaxed.  Jon and Erin took me out to dinner.  We had sushi.  Then we went to see the new Iron Man movie.  They really did a good job on it.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  To finish off the evening, we had some of the ice cream birthday cake that Jon and Erin got for me.  The card they got for me says it all:

are good for you.
Statistics show that
people who have the
most live the longest!