Windows 10 Desktop

Add Windows 10 Desktop to test network

Download Windows 10 Pro installation image and create the server in VirtualBox:

  • Name:
  • Type: Microsoft Windows
  • Version: Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • RAM: 3072 MB
  • Virtual HD: 50.00 GB
  • HD Type: VDI, dynamically allocated

Change the Network settings for Adapter 1 to the NAT Network.

Attach the installation image to the server’s Optical Drive and start the server.

  • Hostname:
  • Enter the desired user name and password for the admin account.
  • Make your disk partition selections and write changes to disk.
  • Finish the installation and reboot.

Login as the admin user. Join the domain at:

  • Settings | Accounts | Access work or school | Connect
  • Select the option to join a local AD domain
  • Join the SAMDOM domain and add user you created (ted) as an administrator.
  • Restart and login as SAMDOM/ted.
  • Go to Settings | Apps & Features | Manage optional features | Add a feature
  • Add the RSAT features:
    • Active Directory Domain Services and Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services Tools
    • DNS Server Tools
    • Group Policy Management Tools
  • Turn on Public folder sharing in Settings | Network & Internet | Sharing options | All Networks